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As a kid I watched soap operas such as “The Young and the Restless” and “Dallas.” That pretty much sparked my wild imagination. Mix that in with the fangirl life and boy bands (whether real or fictional) and you get a mix of the kind of fiction I like to write. I call it “Fangirl-Friendly Fiction.” It’s like Chick-Lit meets Backstreet Boys. 

And now I’m a real published author of “Backstreet Boys: A 30th Anniversary Celebration.”

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It's a FICTIONAL Love Story

Since I was a kid, I loved reading novels and books. Whether it was “The Babysitter’s Club” or reading a Danielle Steel romance novel when I really had no business reading it, I was obsessed.

It wasn’t until I was in high school that I became interested in writing. Granted, I failed my first semester of 9th grade English but made a 99 the second semester (I changed teachers and that makes all the difference).

After high school, I fell into Backstreet Boys fan fiction, which made me more creative with my writing. That lead me to go to college for Creative Writing.

While I eventually only minored in Creative Writing (I didn’t want to take two more foreign language classes), I took pretty much all of the classes that I could and have not stopped writing since. Sure, writer’s block comes around every so often, but sometimes I can hear a song and just get a new idea.

While I tried when I was younger to get a few things published, I gave up since it is so time-consuming and began publishing myself on Amazon and other outlets.

My Latest BookBackstreet Boys: 30th Anniversary Celebration

Over the last few months, my friend and co-owner Emilia and I have been busy on a secret project that only a few found out about. It’s something that we never dreamed of doing before and are honored that we were asked to write a book celebrating the Backstreet Boys’ 30th anniversary.

The book, “Backstreet Boys: A 30th Anniversary Celebration,” is not a biography, but a look back at the group’s history and achievements, not only through stories and photos, but also through fans’ eyes. This book looks at the group’s triumphs and how they have connected with fans from all over the world – from the North America to Europe and beyond. 

Release Date: April 11, 2023
Publisher: Quarto Publishing / Epic Ink

Fictional Work


For many years, from the time I was 18, I wrote fan fiction – specifically Backstreet Boys fan fiction. It’s how I found my love of writing. While many of the stories are no longer online, I do have a WattPad account where some of my stories can be found. The series below, “The Story of Us” Series, is one that I’m most proud of and is probably my favorite. Warning, this is not my best work. 


Nick Carter / BSB

The Story of Us

Nick Carter / BSB

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Nick Carter / BSB

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