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A new beginning, but stuck in the past

Jun 6, 2021

I know what you’re thinking – here we go again. Karah has started another site which will end up closing, blah blah blah.

Well, I can probably agree because over the last 20+ years, that’s kinda what would happen. But this time is a little different.

A few months ago, I created a portfolio site on my old web host that showcased a lot of my work. The only thing was – I wanted a blog on there. The last few weeks, I worked, along with Emilia (’s new co-owner and previous owner of Kaos Online) to move the site to a new webhost. That meant redoing the portfolio site and having the ability to have a blog.

If you’ve followed for a few years, was the original I’ve kept the domain the past year and a half because I loved it so much and knew I would want to do something with it again. For a little while, I had it pointing to my Etsy shop.

This site will be a lot about my past work, as a portfolio, but I will also blog over here about anything and everything – my distaste for the current state of journalism, music, television, movies, social media – whatever I want.

If you see the featured image with this post, you can see that it’s an empty stage from a Backstreet Boys cruise. I picked the picture because it was in the past, but it looks like the present and future – empty stages, cruise ships, etc. I’ve been reliving a lot of stuff the past few days. People joke that I’m stuck in the ’90s and, well, I am, but at this point I’m just stuck in the past.

I’m stuck in the past where I see my friends all the time. I’m stuck in the past where I see Backstreet Boys at least twice a year. Last year was the first year since 2008, I think, where I hadn’t seen them atleast once a year. Things are getting better and I will get to see friends next month FINALLY, but it’s still a long wait until the fun of next year.

So expect stuff from this site. No matter what I did in the past.

Note: I have to redesign and reupload content for the Design page, so right now that is Coming Soon. I will also have more information on the Hire Me page soon, also. I will let everybody know what I add on each of the pages, but for right now, the site is open. 🙂 

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