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Why I Focus On Plus Size Fangirl Merch

Jun 12, 2021

I have always been plus size, even when I was a kid. I’ve always been fat. My weight has gone up and down over the years and whether I lost a lot of weight or not, I was always a fat girl, at least inside. I’ve come to kind of embrace it.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I would buy wedding dress magazines and look at the dresses and draw them. I would check out fashion books at the library and draw things and learn how they did design clothes. For a while, I was even kick-ass at sewing (thanks Home Ec!). Over the years, thanks to computers, I lost all of the drawing and sewing stuff.

Lately I’ve picked it back up. And I think that’s why I enjoy my Etsy shop so much, especially now that I’m designing T-shirts and stuff.

No, I will not have a show at next year’s Fashion Week, but I kinda like what I’m doing.

Yesterday, while shopping for T-shirts to design at a local store, I noticed something and then remembered something – bigger sizes do not get the attention they deserve. I could get black, white, neon pink and I think red in 2x or 3x. None of the pretty teal colors or green.

And then I remember how shopping for band merch can be. I remember going to the Jonas Brothers show two years ago and the shirt I wanted came in nothing bigger than a 1X. I could wear a 1X, but it would be hella tight and I like my T-shirts to have a little room. I ordered a retro album cover shirt from them online this past summer and it’s a 2X, but it fits like a 1X.

Backstreet Boys and NKOTB are two of the bands that do cater to fans of all sizes for the most part and maybe that’s why they are my faves. Taylor Swift has also more recently been catering to bigger sizes (I love my Taylor era t-shirt!).  Marvel is very good about bigger size also, mostly probably they have a high male audience.

That’s why last night, I made a decision about my Etsy shop.

While I will still design smaller pieces, especially custom orders where they pick their size or vinyl color (such as the BSB Army shirt, which I also offer in bigger sizes) I’m going to try to do more pieces for the bigger fangirls who wear 2X and 3X. Us bigger fangirls deserve cool stuff, too.

I’ve already kind of done that with my “This is HOWIE do it” T-shirt in 2x and I’ve had a few others that have already sold. And I’m going to be doing that more. I will still have the smaller sizes, because, let’s face it, they are cheaper to buy.

But I’m gonna give a little extra focus to my bigger girls. <3

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