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Time for a makeover …

Aug 14, 2022

As you can see by this new domain name, new layout, and more, this site got a facelift, or a makeover if you will.

I have been really busy working on a new project with Emilia that will be announced soon, working (hoping to be made Digital Marketing Manager soon!), opening a Shopify shop and still have my Etsy shop.

I’ve been working on all of that while dealing with some Psoriasis/Eczema issues and my mother’s health problems. Oh, and

I’ve been a busy bee.

While doing all of that (I know, could I do more?), I went to 2.2 Backstreet Boys shows. I say 2.2 because I traveled to Washington, D.C./Bristow, VA on my birthday and the show was cancelled because of bad storms, but I did get to see the boys for a meet and greet. So, I’ve been to 2.2 shows. I also got to see Mandy Moore in concert (FINALLY!) and will be seeing Kevin Smith in October along with another Backstreet Boys show (or two) in September.

The birthday girl in Bristow, VA.

Could I be more lazy?

Also, I am going to be re-editing my novels and putting my name (not the fake pen name) in it, so for the time being they are offline. I’ve also updated some of the pages and content.

I’m not lazy I swear.

But I am going to keep this more up-to-date and possibly try to showcase some of my work on here. đŸ™‚

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