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Goodbye 2022, I hope I don’t see you again

Dec 31, 2022

Last year when the clock struck midnight and it became 2022, I didn’t realize this was going to be the year that changed my life. All I could think about was “finally, I get concerts back!”

Honestly, the concerts are really the best thing that came out of this year besides my book deal with Emilia. I finally got to see Mandy Moore after being a fan for over 20 years. I got to see my favorite boys, the Backstreet Boys, again. First in Las Vegas in April, then several more times over the summer with some of my best friends.

Then just as I had my last concert, my world changed. My Mom got sick and died just over a month later. To say the least, things have been weird since then. It’s not so much that I’m alone, because honestly, I prefer to be alone sometimes. It’s just not having her call me. It’s not having her tell me to get something from the store. It’s all the little things that I used to complain about that I miss.

On top of all of this, there were things at work that I won’t talk about on here. And my Etsy shop. And all of my work I do for the fandom and fan club.

And honestly, I’ve let those things that make me who I am slip a little since she passed away.

While I wasn’t going to make a list of things I want to accomplish in 2023, I decided to after thinking about something today.

Things I want to do in 2023:

  • Get Published Again: While my book with Emilia is being published in April about the Backstreet Boys, I want something fictional published. I need to get back to writing. I need to get back into having fun writing again. That’s one thing I really miss. Besides, getting “How to be an Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life)” will likely never get really published since I self-published, but my next story, I’m going all in to get it published – for real.
  • Step Up My Brand’s Game: There’s a few things I want to do with this. For one, finish setting up my Etsy shop on WordPress with WooCommerce. That way I have control and do not have to pay each much like Shopify. I also want to be more consistent with posting on BSBFangirls and social media. Thankfully Emilia, Amber, and Melly are awesome and help out, too.
  • Master’s Degree: Whether it’s taking classes or getting my Master’s Degree, I want to do one or the other. I have an idea for something I’d like to do eventually, business wise, and I want to get that background. Don’t ask me what the idea is, only a few people know.

I know they aren’t huge drastic things, but I feel like with where I am right now, I need to take things slowly. My life turned upside down this year and I have to get used to my new normal.

Hopefully 2023 is a better year. Hopefully.

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